Weird wheels: 7 Automobiles that you never heard of or you aren’t aware

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Well, Often Voiture Blog discuss the vehicles we see and hear on a daily basis. But, More than vehicles we hear everyday like BMW, Benz, etc., There may be a super car that you have not heard or seen since you were child. How did Voiture Blog find them…? Well, As Voiture Blog, we arranged a list of invoices, Because of due to the information available on the internet and even its producer hard to find.

As Voiture Blog have heard from many people about the vehicles that mentioned here, it seems that they are not aware of a few vehicles like “Arash AF10”. However, most models are very expensive and only limited numbers were produced as Lambo veneno, Lykan hypersport. As we found, we have arranged the following order from Arash AF10 to Panoz Abruzzi.

#7 The Arash AF10 (only one were built)

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You may have never heard of Arash AF10. Of course, it is not surprising. Because of only one super girl ever produced. Arash AF10 is one of the most complex automobile. AF10 included adorable rear wing on it’s bum and moving front wing. The uniqueness of the AF10 is she uses a special drive stystem called “Warp Drive system”.

AF10s Warp Drive System includes five electric motors and one petrol engine, weighs more than 617 pounds (280 kilograms). AF10’s electric drive system contains number of two-speed and petrol drive system contains six-speed. Her both of electric motors and engine produced more than 1551 kilowatts. All of these power system produce more than 2080 BHP as a result, to brings the power AF10 needed. According to the Arash Motors, She ask for a 2.8 seconds to hit 97 KMH.

#6 Vencer Sarthe (more than 100 were built)

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In year 2013 Vencer Motors officially unveiled prototype of the Vencer Sarthe. however vencer sarthe is a adorable supercar that is visually related to koenigsegg one by appearance. She includes adorable carbon fiber body work and popup type wing on her bum. She is powered by 6.3L V63SC engine with 6 speed manual transmission to bring the power she needed. All the power system of the Sarthe, provides 622 BHP and 838 Nm of torque. According to the producer The Vencer Sarthe ask for 3.8 seconds to reach 100 KMH.

#5 Ascari KZ1 (only 50 were built)

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In year 2005, Askari motors officially unveiled their one of the most adorable model called KZ1. Askari later released a racing version of KZ1, she is called KZ1-R. Anyway, Back to the topic because of our story leader KZ1. This super damsel is powered by naturally aspirated 4.9 L BMW S62 engine with 6 speed manual transmission to bring the power she needs. V type 8 cylinder S62 engine makes KZ1 top speed of 201 MPH. According to the producer KZ1 ask for 3.8 seconds to reach 97 KMH.

#4 The David Brown Automotive Speedback GT (more than 100 were built)

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In year 2014, David Brown Motors formally unveiled their adorable street bird called Speedback GT. The producer attemped to build this super damsel completely like DB5 and DB6 by appearance. Anyway, in a time like 2014, giving it a classic look for this Super damsel was appreciated by many who keep in touch with cars. How about this classical newcomer’s interior ? well, when Voiture Blog come to the infotainment, This speedback GT contains a massive 7″ touchscreen. And Bluetooth, USB connectivity and audio system were also available.

2 door 2 seats were standard for this speedback damsel and 4 seats were also available. this super damsel is powered by 5.0L Twin-scroll supercharged AJ-V8 engine with 6 speed automated transmission system. But if it was 6 speed manual, we think it would add even more value for this David Brown Automotive Speedback GT. Anyway, All this combination able to ride this Speedback damsel top speed of 250 KMH. And also she ask for 4.8 seconds to reach 100 KMH.

#3 The Tushek Renovatio T500 (only 30 are planned*)

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In year 2012 Tushek motors formally unveiled their street perform, track focused super damsel called Renovatio T500. Do you know ? This super T500 is one of the most complex engineering street bird. The surprising thing is this T500 super damsel is from Slovenia. This adorable handbuilt T500 is powered by 4.2L RS4 engine with 6 speed manual transmission. All the combination of T500 provides 444 BHP to bring the power she needed. T500 ask for 3.7 seconds to reach 62 MPH and she can rides 193 MPH of max speed.

#2 Lotec Sirius (only one were built)

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In 2000 Lotec Motors unveiled their super damsel called Sirius. You may have never heard of Lotec Sirius..! Of course, Only one superbird ever produced. Lotec Sirius is one of the most adorable street bird with really nice appearance. The producer tried to give a nice body work for this super damsel. As a result Lotec Sirius got a butterfly doors and attractive carbon fiber body work. There is a fixed wing on Lotec sirius bum. It is act like a air brake. This Sirius super damsel is powered by 6.0L twin-turbocharged V12 engine with 6 speed manual transmission and ask for the 4.5 seconds to reach 120 KPH. All the combination of the Lotec Sirius makes her 250 MPH of top speed.

#1 Panoz Abruzzi (only 81 were built)

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Looks like Batmod…! nah, This is Abruzzi. In 2010 Panoz Motors unveiled their super street bird called Abruzzi. Most parts of this environment friendly Abruzzi is made as “Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System”. This running bird is powered by 6.2L supercharged LS3 engine with 6 speed manual transmission. Abruzzi’s V8 engine produces 650 hp to bring the power she needed. All the power combination make this Panoz Abruzzi top speed of 330 KPH and ask for 3.2 seconds to reach 100 KMH.

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