8 Reasons Why People Love Range Rover So Much: Detailed discussion from the longest and illustrious history

Why people Love Range Rover
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The “Range Rover” is a one-off large luxury SUV made in the United Kingdom by Land Rover Motor Company owned by “Jaguar”. By type of the vehicle, it is a luxury vehicle in almost every country. Range Rover is highly regarded as a luxury as well as the best offroad SUV. It is the first choice of many, from Hollywood superstars to the British royal family. While there are plenty of luxury SUVs, the most revered of them all is the Range Rover. So, As Voiture Blog’ we looked at the reasons why Range Rover received such a high reception and a high price.

We are confident that you will agree with these points. We bring this to you, based on information we have researched and confirmed. So, Let’s discuss about the “Land Rover Range Rover”.

#1 The glorious History of the “Land Rover”

Land Rover History
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You probably know that, Jaguar is the company that manufactures Range Rover today. However, in the past there was no company called Land Rover. Land Rover is an American Willys Jeep based vehicle, developed by a company called Rover. It was a basic level vehicle that originally designed for use on the off-road and in agricultural areas.

They were also sold with agricultural implements, including tractors. Range Rover had a wtf ability to drive off-road. Land Rover was the first vehicle to travel to many places of the world due to its ability to easily navigate difficult terrain. This was the first road machine that people in many undeveloped countries saw in the earlier days. This admirable memory was a big reason for, The name of “Land Rover” remained in everyone’s mind.

#2 How did “Land Rover” become “Range Rover”

1970 Range Rover
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As mentioned earlier, the gen1 “Land Rover” was a very good vehicle, but it was used for off-road only. The interior was designed very simply as she needed. Because of this, “Land Rover” was rarely used in urban areas with highways. To change this situation, the manufacture always tried to build a road machine that suitable for urban use.

However, due to the economic difficulties of the time, Rover merged with British Leyland and British Motor Holdings to become a shareholder in Jaguar. Following this incident, the new company suspended many of Rover models. However, work continued to build a “Land Rover” that suitable for use in the city. The project originally called as the Velar, was released in 1970 as the “Range Rover”.

#3 The energetic and powerful Rover V8 Engine

Range Rover Engine
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At the time the Range Rover was being built, most European vehicles had 4- or 6-cylinder engines. However, Rover decided that it needed a V8 engine to power the Range Rover. To complete this, They used an abandoned engine made by BUICK in the United States that was smaller in size. After that, the Rover V8 engine was built with a completely aluminum block according to the plan of BUICK engine. Although a V8 engine, it was unique in that it weighed as much as a 4-cylinder engine.

Due to this amazing V8 engine, the first “Range Rover” built in 1970 had a top speed of 100mph. It only took 14 seconds to reach 0 – 60mph. This is a higher performance than the cars of that time period. As a result, Range Rover was able to change the notion that Land Rover was suitable for agriculture farms.

#4 Superb look that gone “Louvre Museum”

1970 Range Rover at Louvre Museum
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The first-ever Range Rover received an unimaginable response. It was advertised as “A Car For All Reasons”. However, For many, The “Range Rover” was a new experience, because of its superb and unique look. It was designed by the famous jet engine designer “Charles Spencer King”. It was considered as a work of art and a Range Rover is on exhibit at the world’s famous Louvre Museum in France.

This is the first time a vehicle has received such an honor from the “Louvre Museum”, which houses some of the world’s finest works of art, including the famous “MonaLisa painting”. The first Range-Rover was so adorable that it didn’t need to be changed or modified for 24 years. From 1970-1994, the “Range Rover” was produced with the same look. That changed when Land Rover took over by “BMW Motor Company” in 1994. Until 1996, the new company produced the “Range Rover” in its original design. The 2nd generation of the Range Rover began from 1996.

#5 A vehicle to ride anywhere comfortably

Range Rover Sport
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The excellence of the Range Rover was not just limited to its appearance and design only. Although a vehicle capable of driving in urban areas, “Land Rover” worked to further improve offroad driving capabilities of the “Range Rover”. Even the “Range Rover”, built in 1970, had a four-wheel disc brake. It also included a two-level, Four-gear, continuous all-wheel drive system(4wd). Using the Coil-Spring instead of the Leaf-Spring on the “Range Rover”, The Range Rover was able to navigate comfortably even offroad.

#6 A royal feeling like a king

Range Rover SV Autobiography
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From the past models of “Range Rover” to the current ones, it sense absolutely particular. The superiority of the materials used to make the interior of the “Range Rover” is obvious. You will understand as soon as you see it. It’s dashboard has been made by solid wood, leather & cast metal from the past. Seats of the Range Rover are make using solid & smoother leather than normal.

Raw materials (Plastic) are rarely found in the Range Rover. Also, the body of the door and everywhere the body touches, including the steering wheel, armrest and roof are covered with hand-sewn leather. Throughout the “Range Rover”, you can see only royalty and superiority features. It’s as luxurious as a high luxury car like the Rolls Royce and Bentley. But the Range Rover has an amazing ability to go even in the mud swamp and wetland where those vehicles can’t get close to anything.

#7 There is no another SUV to make a challenge

Range Rover SV Autobiography
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No matter how comfortable the “Range Rover” is, Because, it is originally designed for off road driving. Today, almost every company launched SUVs in the market. But, in off-road, none of that is a challenge for the Range Rover. The reason is, the Range Rover was originally designed as an offroad vehicle and then added the comfort. “A modern SUV that was originally designed as a comfortable vehicle and then incorporated off-road features would never have been able to do this”.

The “Toyota Land Cruiser” is considered to be the only vehicle that can compete with the Range Rover when driving off-road. In some respects, the Land Cruiser is more powerful and ahead from the Range Rover in offroad operations. But the Land Cruiser is by no means as comfortable as the Range Rover. Also, the unique experience of a Range Rover is not available in a “Land Cruiser”.

#8 A status symbol showing Superiority & Royalty

Range Rover SV Autobiography
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Even armed with everything that need to drive off-road, The “Range Rover” is still a standout style and status symbol. Today, offroad racing is often limited to the Defender models that originated with their early Land Rover. This situation caused “Charles King” to be sad, who originally planned the Range Rover.

Although “Charles King’s” target was to produce a vehicle that could travel comfortably offroad, Today it has become one of the most superb vehicle that use in the city. So Range Rover later developed a Sport model and a crossover model like the Evoque to suit this situation. In 2020, Range Rover released a new model named it’s first codename, the Velar. Even though it is an expensive vehicle, the Range Rover can still drive off-road as a Defender.

Range Rover SV Autobiography
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When once a journalist asked Land Rover about this, they pointed out a wonderful example. “That was about the ROLEX watch that works from space to the seabed. They said that although most people never go to space or the seabed, it is important to know that this ability is present in their ROLEX watch”.

The main reason why Range Rover is still loved and respected today is because it fits anywhere from a quagmire to a high luxury hotel. That’s it. Here is the Voiture Blog discussed about the “Range Rover”. Hope you’re enjoyed..

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