The all new 2024 7th Generation Ford Mustang is on the way

2024 7th Gen Ford Mustang s650
Image credits: Andrew Guerrero | This illustration drawing is based on recent leaks and rumors

Ford recently officially announced that, their 7th Generation horse which called “S650 as codename”, is coming soon and it will officially unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS).

Jim Farley said that the their all new untamed horse will be released to the competition field on 14th of September and intriguing Mustang fans, he declared ‘It is a stunning car and I’m so excited to share it with the world’.

Ant it was a happy fact that the #SaveTheManuals tag was used at the end of his twitter post ! it manages to create a conversation about this vehicle. It should be a completely manual or transmission selection method according to the buyer’s wishes.

You may have seen the 6sec vid clip running here and there on social media. It will surely give us a clue about this stranger. Although, many have expressed different opinions, It was believed by many that it could be equipped with a V8 engine. Confirming it, Ford recently mentioned that 7th Gen was given a 5.0L V8 engine as Prime mover.

When it looks at the facts presented by Ford and speculations of the first-line reporters, It simply means that 7th Gen Mustang may be equipped with a bit more power than what Ford currently offers with Mustang. Moreover, It comes with a 6 speed manual and an optional 10 speed automatic transmission.

In fact, most likely, It may be a nowa experience which many believe will probably featured a new look…

What do you think?

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