Do you ever heard of these 9 4WDs ?

Lamborghini LM002
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You know, Like TikTok creators according to the trends, Today almost every car producer also produced suv (or/and) truck to the market, due to their increasing demand. Except someone who doesn’t chase after a super car, an SUV or a Truck will be more profitable than a car. You may not know about many 4WDs apart from the SUVs or Trucks that competes in the first row and also rooted in the market with its brand. Anyway, There are vehicles from less popular brands, that you may not have heard of or may not have seen, as well as like LM002 in heard and popular companies have vehicles that you have never heard of before. So, I thought to line up a list of Voiture Blog discussion about most unknown SUVs and TRUCKs….

#1 Lamborghini LM001 – Only 1 were built

1981 Lamborghini LM001 Prototype
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This 4WD conception was unveiled at 1981 Geneva motor show as a 4door+4seater called LM001. Did you ever knew about this super 4WD bird. This 001 got a boxy look inspired by strong steels. No wonder you didn’t know about LM001, because only one were built ever. Anyway, this super 001 which is weighting 2,100kg is powered by 5.9L AMC V8 engine. As the prime mover, the engine produces 180hp to brings the power this conception 001 4WD needs. Do you know that why this LM001 vehicle limited from only 1 prototype ? There were many issues due to placing its prime mover in rear. So, the producer decided to discontinued this big boss to preserve the quality of their brand “Lamborghini”.

#2 SCG Boot – Only 2 were built

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Looks like mod-mobile, this is 4WD Boot from SCG. This adorable 2door+2seats Boot came with removable hard-top. As the primemover 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 engine produces 650hp to bring the power it needs. With a more ground-clearance and an attractive body work, it adds a variety to your ride that is different from other 4WDs. However, this boot is US road legal and 2 lucky people had chance to own this two piece of super SCG boots forever.

#3 Borgward BX3 – 195 units were sold in 2020

Borgward BX3
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Produced by Beiqi Foton which based in china, this called BX3. Designed with a most attractive appearance, this is a 5 door+5 seat compact suv. When we take a seat opening its conventional doors, its interior came with really clean and nice design. It is powered by 1.4L inline engine which is produced 150hp to brings the power BX3 needs. Customers had a chance to choose their preferred transmission: 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic in same prime mover and with different price range.

#4 Borgward BX5 – 6,199 units were sold in 2020

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I thought to add BX5 after the BX3 because is model is more popular than above one. I hope you may have get an idea about it by looking how many units they were sold. This crossover in produced by the same company that build BX3 and when it comes to BX5, there is no any changes of based location and others. When we jump to BX5 from the BX3, the only different here is the engine, which is available in 3 variants as 1.4L, 1.8L and 2.0L. The 6 speed manual and its automatic transmission are support prime mover to produce 224 hp(2.0L engine).

#5 Spyker D12 Peking-to-paris – There is no mention of units

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This adorable crossover was originally offered with luxury body work. Since not even getting a clue about this D12 after the introduction at Geneva show, no wonder you didn’t know about this 5 door+4 seat luxe suv. When we take a look by opening its front conventional doors and rear coach doors, it is really looks luxury. whole seat covers, center console and others which is covered by light brown leather, makes D12 unique from others on our list. It was not limited to luxury design only, the surprising thing is D12 is powered by VW W12 engine with 6 speed manual transmission. As the prime mover the engine produced more than 506 hp to brings the power D12 needs. On the first day of introduction, I saw in many sources that, it received more than 100 orders. If it didn’t limited in concept, can you imagine how popular it would been ?

#6 USSV Rhino GX – 300 or up units were built (20 in USA)

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One of the most luxurious as well as strongest full size bigg boss on the market with 5-7 passenger capacity. This hand build suv is very similar to military one by exterior design, shape and appearance. But when you take a seat by opening its heavy doors, the luxe interior, well done leather seats and other luxe features brings you a more comfortable ride with Rhino GX. This bigg boss is powered by 6.8L Diesel V8 engine with 4×4 automatic transmission. The producer US Speciality decided to offered this boss with four different packages as standard, select, premium and executive. Customers have a chance to choose this 4WD super heavy GX in three different colors according to their preferred.

#7 Skoda Trekka – 3,000 were built

Skoda Trekka
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Very similar to defender in exterior design but this is Trekka from new zealand. The powertrain is little bit poor with its 1.2L I4 engine. 4 speed manual transmission supported to produce 47 hp to make Trekka move. In our opinion, I have no idea about the four small wheels that don’t fit its huge body at all. This 2 door off-roader was produced in between 1966-1973.

#8 Karlmann King – 12 were build

Karlmann King - Most Luxury SUV in the world
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Even most of you didn’t know about this king, it is the most expensive and most luxurious full size suv in the world which costs $2 million. When it comes to exterior design, the whole exterior was designed as bended triangles. This unique design make this bigg boss different from others. You can’t get any idea about the interior by looking at the Exterior, but once you open its conventional doors and take a seat, I’m sure your mind won’t let you get up from your comfortable seat again.

Karlmann King - Most Luxury SUV in the world
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So naming this as King is fair, isn’t it ? This 5 door King is powered by 6.8L V10 engine with 5 speed automatic transmission. As the prime mover, the engine produces 372 hp to brings the power this big boss king needs. Now, you will realize that it is by no means limited to luxury.

#9 Changan CS15 – 8,846 units were sold in 2020

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In year 2015 Changan cars introduced this 5 door+4 seater hatchback called CS15. It was designed with a simple look and simple but nice exterior design. When you compare this with the other vehicles on this list, you can see that it isn’t serious in any way. This CS15 is powered by 1.5L I4 P engine with 5 speed manual transmission. The engine which is placed in front, produced 120 hp to make this 4WD CS15 move and bring the power it needs.

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